The Center for Procurement Excellence is pleased to announce a free new interactive web series, “Ask of the RFP Doctor”. In this first-of-its-kind virtual discussion, procurement experts provide practical advice in addressing today’s purchasing, supply chain, and acquisition challenges. Here’s how it works:

• Teaching Moment (15 minutes): the RFP Doctor will kick things off with a brief presentation targeted at a specific topic

• CPE Virtual Peer Group (30 minutes): next, we will split up into small groups and give attendees an opportunity to network with each other and have a discussion on a relevant topic. Learn More

• Ask the RFP Doctor – Office Hours (15 minutes or until the questions run out!): we’ll come back together for an open Q&A session.  Have a challenging RFP ahead?  Have a unique situation?  Bring your questions and let’s get it figured out!

Third Thursdays of every month starting at 12:00pm Central

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What is Cost Worth?

Remember the joys of mathematical proofs from grade school?  The RFP Doctors are whipping out their calculators to PROVE the fundamental equation of cost evaluations (Cost > 35% = LOW BID)



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Announcing CPE’s New RFP Library

Our RFP Library contains more than 3,000 RFPs & SOWs issued in the last 15 years.  We’ll showcase how to navigate the RFP Library, which is organized into 4 collections of IT, AEC, FM, and Business Services. 



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What are the “Best” Evaluation Criteria?

The fundamental purpose of evaluation criteria is to differentiate between competing proposals.  But which criteria do this the best?  We’ll breakdown a study that investigated this question across 1,850 proposals. 



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Highly Qualified = More Expensive?

Do highly qualified proposals automatically come with a hefty price tag?  Let’s review a study which correlated cost vs. qualifications across more than 1,850 proposals. 



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How to Evaluate “Synergy” Among Proposing Teams

Owners often want know whether proposing teams have a healthy working relationship with each other.  But how can we truly evaluate this?  We’ll identify common pitfalls & recommend best practices.



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Unintended Consequences of Pre-Qualifications

Step 1: Pre-Qualify; Step 2: Compete via RFP.  Many market segments advocate for this approach, but are there any downsides? Yes, many!  Let’s discuss!




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How to Handle Late Proposals

What do we do when vendors submit their proposals late?  The answer may seem obvious, but we’ll share several real scenarios that will challenge your procurement instincts!



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Challenges of Minimum Qualifications

No one wants to waste their time evaluating a proposal from an unqualified firm, which is why many clients publish minimum qualifications.  But min quals can be tricky to implement effectively!



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Does Best-Value Cost More than Low-Bid?

When 100% complete construction docs are available, conventional wisdom suggests the Low-Bidder should be selected.  Why select a more expensive bidder only to receive an equivalent scope of work?  We’ll review the full cost implications of 118 Best-Value RFPs in DBB Construction.


CPE Virtual Peer Groups

CPE’s Virtual Peer Groups provide attendees an opportunity to network in one of four areas below. We’ll provide a suggested topic, and invite attendees to provide feedback and advice with each other.

Peer GroupDescription
Leadership of Procurement GroupsCPOs, Procurement Leaderships, Executives
IT ProcurementAll things IT including software, hardware, system integrator, and more
Capital Projects & Alternative DeliveryStrategies for large design and construction, including best practices for new alternative delivery methods (DB, PDB, CMAR/CMGC, IPD, P3)
Procurement ProcessesStatements of Work, Evaluations, Interviews, Clarification, Partnering