The Center for Procurement Excellence is pleased to announce a free new interactive web series, “Ask of the RFP Doctor”. In this first-of-its-kind virtual discussion, procurement experts provide practical advice in addressing today’s purchasing, supply chain, and acquisition challenges. Here’s how it works:

• Teaching Moment (15 minutes): the RFP Doctor will kick things off with a brief presentation targeted at a specific topic

• CPE Virtual Peer Group (30 minutes): next, we will split up into small groups and give attendees an opportunity to network with each other and have a discussion on a relevant topic. Learn More

• Ask the RFP Doctor – Office Hours (15 minutes or until the questions run out!): we’ll come back together for an open Q&A session.  Have a challenging RFP ahead?  Have a unique situation?  Bring your questions and let’s get it figured out!

Third Thursdays of every month starting at 12:00pm Central

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Understanding Procurement Protests: Who, What, and WHY?!

There is no bigger headache than ending up in a protest. Join us to discuss ways to prevent protests, how to respond when they happen … and of course to swap stories!

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IT Software Demonstrations

Want to hear a joke? A guy walks into a traditional software demo… and walks out with a product that doesn’t work as advertised. Wait, that’s not a joke, it’s just a sad reality! 🙁 So how can we fix it???

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Amazing Pre-Proposal Meetings

Don’t make your Pre-Proposal meeting a snooze-fest. Learn how to take your next Pre-Proposal from snoozing to cruising. From snoring to not-at-all-boring. From totally lame to procurement fame!

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Responding to Vendor RFIs

Answering vendor questions via addenda is both an art and a science. Let’s talk about how to respond in ways that will enable your vendors to submit higher quality proposals!

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CPE Virtual Peer Groups

CPE’s Virtual Peer Groups provide attendees an opportunity to network in one of four areas below. We’ll provide a suggested topic, and invite attendees to provide feedback and advice with each other.

Peer GroupDescription
Leadership of Procurement GroupsCPOs, Procurement Leaderships, Executives
IT ProcurementAll things IT including software, hardware, system integrator, and more
Capital Projects & Alternative DeliveryStrategies for large design and construction, including best practices for new alternative delivery methods (DB, PDB, CMAR/CMGC, IPD, P3)
Procurement ProcessesStatements of Work, Evaluations, Interviews, Clarification, Partnering