Improving the effectiveness of public and private procurement

Driving procurement excellence through education

CPE is focused entirely on the solicitation process (the people, the documents, and the policies)

Driving accountability through expert project delivery and value-based procurement

Promoting professionalism with your team of the procurement field through credentialing

Advocating for global improvements for advancement to procurement policy

Building effective long-term best value procurement strategies

We Fix Broken RFPs

The CPE Difference

Many procurement and supply-chain associations focus on hundreds of different specialties that a procurement officer must master (such as inventory control, warehousing, logistics, commodities, purchasing cards, etc).

CPE is different. CPE is focused entirely on the solicitation process (the people, the documents, and the policies).


What is the Goal of CPE?

CPE is a non-profit member organization focused on the support, education and certification of cutting edge solicitation practices that emphasize attracting and hiring high performing vendors. It provides training and certification for procurement professionals, provides standardized documents, and a venue for procurement professionals to network and advance procedures, processes, and systems. 

The 5 Foundations of

Procurement Excellence


Providing all vendors with a
fair and equal opportunity
to win


Encouraging and
maximizing competition


Providing a clear, concise, and accurate procurement process. Comprehensive debriefing


Assuring the process delivers
the greatest value for the
money being spent


Confidence and trust that the
procurement has been conducted with high ethical standards