About CPE

The Center for Procurement Excellence (CPE) is a non-profit member based organization focused on the support, education and certification of optimized solicitation practices that emphasize speed, minimizing protests and attracting high performing proponents. We provide training and certification for procurement professionals, RFP templates and standards, and a venue for procurement professionals to network and advance procedures, processes, and systems.

CPE is also active in engaging tier-1 universities throughout the US to provide research, educational and training opportunities while supporting further advancement of the profession and solicitation methodology, research, and practice.


The Center for Procurement Excellence (CPE) mission is to improve the effectiveness of public and private procurement worldwide, through:

  • Education and training of professionals in the procurement and delivery of goods and services
  • Promoting excellence in the solicitation aspects of the procurement profession
  • Standardizing procurement practices and solicitation practices
  • Advocating for global improvements for advancement to procurement policy


CPE puts on periodic national events, as well as regional summits and various training workshops. These events provide procurement training, networking opportunities, and specific educational opportunities.