Best Value Professional™ (BVP™)


The BVP™ credential is only available to individuals that hold an active CPE™ credential.



  • Applicants must possess an active CPE™
  • Applicants are required to successfully complete a BVP™ Prep Course. This 30-hour course is currently being offered through certified third-party Universities, and can be completed in-person, or 100% online.
  • Upon successful completion of the BVP™ Prep Course, the individual is placed into an “Audit Period”. During this time, the individual will be required to provide a minimum of 3 best-value solicitations, to a CPE approved BVP Auditor, who will evaluate and score the solicitations based on conformance to best-value procurement best practices.
  • Applicants must receive a minimum average score of 80% on the solicitations during their “Audit Period”, to be permitted to apply for the BVP™ Exam.

Exam Topics

The BVP™ assesses and certifies competency in the following solicitation and procurement categories:

  • Attracting High Quality Vendors
  • Advanced Methods for Minimizing the Risk of Protest
  • Pre-Proposal Requirements
  • Utilization of a Request For Needs to Advance the Scope of Work
  • Interview and Demonstration Techniques
  • Preplanning and Clarifications Management
  • KPI, SLAs, Metrics and Performance Reporting
  • Pre-Qualification Programs
  • Transparency in Contracting & Delivery

The Exam

The BVP™ Exam consists of multiple choice and written response, and takes approximately 120 minutes to complete.


Certification Cost

Cost for CPE Members


Cost of the BVP™ Prep Course varies depending on the provider.

Cost for Non-members


Cost of the BVP™ Prep Course varies depending on the provider.

Ready to get started?


The BVP™ credential is valid for three years. The renewal process requires attendance to one Annual CPE Conference every three years, an accrued continuing education credit balance of 25 hours from an approved continuing education credit provider, and a re-take of the BVP™ Exam every three years (the renewal exam has a cost of $50).