Proposal Submission Protocols & Evaluation Best Practices

Webinar Description:

We’ve all seen a job posting that seems like it was written for a specific candidate… and it is frustrating because we don’t have a chance when the outcome is pre-determined! Unfortunately, vendors often feel the same way about Owner RFPs and Evaluation Procedures. This session will discuss how to write an RFP that syncs with a fair, open, and transparent evaluation process. Use these tips to show high performing vendors that they have a fair chance to win – and enable a fast, efficient, and effective evaluation process for your organization!


Learning Objectives:

• Take Charge: Client-Defined Submission Forms lead to Better Proposals

• Evaluation Scoring Guidelines that Focus on Differentiation

• Evaluation Team Structure and Steps

• How to Conduct Interviewing for Expertise

• Product Demonstrations Simplified

• The Importance of Offering Comprehensive Debriefings to Vendors


Additional Resources:

Source Selection Plan Template (SSP1)

• Best value in construction and facility projects

• Lowest cost is not always the best

Recommended proposal contents and requirements

Simplar’s full library of resources and white papers

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