Certified Solicitation Professional™ (CPE™)​


Accelerate Your Career Now! There are no minimum work requirements or college degree requirements to apply for the CPE™ Exam.


First time applicants are required to successfully complete a CPE™ Prep Course. The course can be taken in-person or online through certified third-party Universities.

Exam Topics

The CPE™ certification program focuses on the standard of care in both public and private RFP/RFx procurement, including transparency, openness, fairness, ethics, general legal frameworks, conflicts of interest, and others.

The CPE™ Exam assesses and certifies competency in the following solicitation and procurement categories:

  • Procurement Integrity
  • Fundamentals of Solicitations
  • Understanding the Competitive Sealed Proposal Process
  • Developing the Scope of Work
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Evaluations Procedures
  • Close Out Process and Debriefing

The Exam

The CPE™ Exam is 100% online and can be taken at any time (upon successful completion of the CPE™ Prep Course). The Exam consists of 100 questions (multiple choice and short answers) and takes approximately 120 minutes to complete.


The cost of the CPE™ Prep Course varies depending on the provider

for CPE Members

for non-members


Your CPE™ credential is valid for two years. By the end of each two year term, a CSP designee will need to accrue 15 approved continuing education credits to maintain their credential. Attendance to one Annual CPE Conference fulfills two years of continuing education credit.