“The CPE Annual Conference is an event where owners, buyers, and experts gather to share challenges and solutions, learn how to implement best practices, and how to keep up with the next practices. Please join the CPE Annual Conference March 13th-14th, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA where this year’s theme is Advancing Your Organization’s Procurement Processes. Learn from researchers and practitioners on how to improve your procurement processes, documents, and methods so your project and services are the ones where the best teams work.”

“Getting the right team on your projects is the key to realizing high performance, cost savings, innovation, and quality. This all starts with the procurement process. It is how you attract the best companies that want to compete for your work and put their best teams on your projects. Using the same old procurement methods, solicitations, and RFP templates is not good enough in today’s hyper-competitive market place. A better way is needed, better tools are required, and the right skills are necessary. The Center for Procurement Excellence (CPE) is the premier outlet for expertise in project procurement and delivery.”

– Kenneth T. Sullivan, PhD, Professor, Arizona State University

“The Expertise-based Project Delivery (XPD) methodology developed by CPE allowed our technical staff to finally agree that indeed there could be virtue in a procurement process”

-Gwen Williams, Former Asst. General Manager, Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power