Proposal Submission Protocols & Evaluation Best Practices

Proposal Submission Protocols & Evaluation Best Practices


We’ve all seen a job posting that seems like it was written for a specific candidate… and it is frustrating because we don’t have a chance when the outcome is pre-determined! Unfortunately, vendors often feel the same way about Owner RFPs and Evaluation Procedures. This session will discuss how to write an RFP that syncs with a fair, open, and transparent evaluation process. Use these tips to show high performing vendors that they have a fair chance to win – and enable a fast, efficient, and effective evaluation process for your organization!



Learning Objectives:

• Take Charge: Client-Defined Submission Forms lead to Better Proposals

• Evaluation Scoring Guidelines that Focus on Differentiation

• Evaluation Team Structure and Steps

• How to Conduct Interviewing for Expertise

• Product Demonstrations Simplified

• The Importance of Offering Comprehensive Debriefings to Vendors



Source Selection Plan Template (SSP1)

Best value in construction and facility projects

Lowest cost is not always the best

Recommended proposal contents and requirements

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